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Daniel Robert Dinu Follow

I'm Daniel, a passionate concert photographer and entrepreneur. I founded Gigxels, a platform that connects photographers with music artists. I love to walk, and I enjoy reading sci-fi books.

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Claudiu Atanasoaie Follow

Seasoned concert photographer.

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Alin-Daniel Pandaru Follow

Trying not to take myself too serious. Concert photographer since 2009.

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Andrei Mușat Follow

Passionate concert photographer. Digital for Virgin Radio Romania

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Mihnea Caraivan Follow

young hyper kid with a love for everything that makes your heart tremble

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Avram Nicol Elena Follow

Hello! I am 19 years old, I have been taking pictures since the 4th grade, but my passion for concert photography materialized in 2016. I am happy to share my work from the last years with yo

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Irina Bărăgoi Follow

Sometimes I bring my camera to the concerts.

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